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About Us

We are a user led abstinence based group, which means we agree collectively to reduce, but ultimately stop the use of cannabis, spice and legal highs within our membership.


We recognise the damage our drug misuse can do to ourselves and those around us and we choose to seek help from others who have recovered successfully from serious addictions. We have no affiliation to other mutual aid groups such as NA (Narcotics Anonymous) and SMART (Self Management and Recovery Training) but we do support and commend their work. We often refer our members to both meetings and others. We strongly believe that no one system works for everyone and we encourage our members to experience and embrace many different recovery systems, activities and communities.

We are not a cannabis appreciation society and we do not advocate legalisation. We do however acknowledge the particular CBD health benefits and call for greater and more transparent research. Similarly we recognise the failure of successive governments to sufficiently support appropriate treatment and recovery programmes.

We have achieved many levels of success within our membership, our groups have produced and maintained many years of clean-time. We have done this by creating a series of local meetings in a safe, confidential, non-judgmental and supportive environment, where members can rebuild their lives together. 

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